Mitta Xinindlu

Freshman - 626 Points [Mitta Milana] (South Africa)

Mitta Xinindlu Poems

41. Early Morning, Alone In This Room 2/4/2009
42. Thee Shall Help I 2/4/2009
43. My Journey 2/4/2009
44. Mesmerizing 2/4/2009
45. Lost And Forgotten 2/4/2009
46. Is This Still Funny? 2/4/2009
47. Hehe! Ndatsho Ndawa Yintsini 2/4/2009
48. Soulless Spirits 2/4/2009
49. Special Scenario 2/6/2009
50. Share This With A Friend 2/6/2009
51. Telephone Conversation 2/6/2009
52. Nevertheless 4/12/2009
53. However 4/12/2009
54. Disorder 4/13/2009
55. Young Nest 6/13/2009
56. I Also Have A Dream 6/13/2009
57. I’ll Work Hard, Walk The Extra Mile To Share Intimacy With You 6/13/2009
58. This Is A Warning 6/13/2009
59. Love Theory 6/13/2009
60. Murder With Your Pen 6/13/2009
61. Make Me Your Routine 6/13/2009
62. I See No Point For My Soul 6/13/2009
63. The Letter Unaddressed 6/13/2009
64. Fuel It Too 6/13/2009
65. The Imperfect Me 9/4/2008
66. Is That You? 9/4/2008
67. What Is This, Where Are You? 9/8/2008
68. ’yazi Ndingumxhosa? 9/8/2008
69. Jonga Ngapha Undibuke 9/8/2008
70. My Unconditional Love 9/12/2008
71. At Sunset 2/4/2009
72. Spring Is A Season Of... 7/20/2008
73. Ah! How I Wish 7/20/2008
74. Young Woman 7/20/2008
75. Non-Existing I Am 7/20/2008
76. Dying Inside The Seed 8/27/2009
77. Me In You 6/22/2012
78. A Fallacy: My Youth, Our Youth 6/22/2012
79. The Song 6/22/2012
80. These Hands 7/14/2014

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Best Poem of Mitta Xinindlu

Five Reasons You Are No Good

You are a very bad substance that I got addicted to.
I find your advantages less than your disadvantages.
You make me forget of the important aspects in my life.
You leave me broke and out every time.

You are a heartbreaker;
You leave my heart and needs unattended.
You cause me heartaches every now and then.
You bring cruelty out of my innocent heart.
You even kept me away from the Lord.

You are a bad influence;
You make me dirty, and keep me stuck in a dustbin.
You cause me to stink and be a bad company to the world.
You keep convincing me of ...

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Don'T Look Back

Is it not funny now that it is you who is begging to be loved?
Oh! Dear, I was nothing to you but kind.
I used to love you; I loved to love you a lot.
I then decided it was enough about the cheating when you were caught.

Was not I good for you?
Yet it turned out that you took me for a fool.
We were good for each other.
Now I do not want to be with you either.

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