Mitta Xinindlu

Freshman - 626 Points [Mitta Milana] (South Africa)

Mitta Xinindlu Poems

81. Tears, My Comfort 11/1/2014
82. My Conviction 11/1/2014
83. To The Carriers Of The Articles Of The Lord's House 11/1/2014
84. God Smells So Good 11/1/2014
85. Lay Me In The Cemetery 11/1/2014
86. Losing You 11/11/2014
87. Mine 11/22/2014
88. My Crush 7/20/2008
89. My Life Is My Joy 7/20/2008
90. Friends 11/27/2014
91. Boxing Love Match 1/1/2015
92. Woman Of The Night 1/1/2015
93. I'M Big - So What? 1/2/2015
94. No Old Friends - Really Though? 1/3/2015
95. I Wish That You Were Here 1/5/2015
96. Don'T Look Down On Me - You Don'T Know My Tomorrow 1/11/2015
97. These Eyes Refuse To See 1/11/2015
98. A Child In Every Adult 1/11/2015
99. We Will Do It - Let's Say Yes! 1/13/2015
100. I Think I'M Drunk 1/17/2015
101. Your Face Is Paradise 1/17/2015
102. A Woman Robed In Gold 1/19/2015
103. A Hymn I'Ll Sing When I Find You 1/19/2015
104. To My Estranged Valentine 2/13/2015
105. Cut Deeper And Deeper Into Whiteness 2/21/2015
106. Pray For These Men 3/4/2015
107. Escapist 3/10/2015
108. This Generation 3/14/2015
109. Life Taught Me 3/16/2015
110. Free The Enslaved Mind 3/22/2015
111. I Promise 3/27/2015
112. They'Re Killing Us 4/19/2015
113. The Soul Versus The Heart 5/21/2015
114. I Like Being Me 6/10/2015
115. May My Truth Sink In 6/28/2015
116. Raphael 1/31/2016
117. The Valleys Of Love 3/22/2015
118. Happy Birthday, Jesus! 12/24/2014
119. I Know Not The Words To Speak 1/19/2015
120. The Day Will Come 11/22/2014

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Best Poem of Mitta Xinindlu

Five Reasons You Are No Good

You are a very bad substance that I got addicted to.
I find your advantages less than your disadvantages.
You make me forget of the important aspects in my life.
You leave me broke and out every time.

You are a heartbreaker;
You leave my heart and needs unattended.
You cause me heartaches every now and then.
You bring cruelty out of my innocent heart.
You even kept me away from the Lord.

You are a bad influence;
You make me dirty, and keep me stuck in a dustbin.
You cause me to stink and be a bad company to the world.
You keep convincing me of ...

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This Is What You Are

You are my rose...
And my sunshine at night
You are my candlelight
And in my life you have brought so much delight

You have been the one..
And compared to you, I find no-one
You are my sun
And in my life you bring more and more fun

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