Mitzi Albright

Biography of Mitzi Albright

grew up in small Indiana town. Married at 18 widowed at 21. Two chilren. Was forced to give first child up for adoption. Second child came after 18 months of marriage. Years of lousy relationships and never found true love after first husband died in motorcycle wreck.
Have always enjoyed writing, mostly poetry, and most inspired by life.
Live alone now, son in college. Loneliness brews good writing does anger!

Mitzi Albright's Works:

Had one short story published in 'Hounds and Hunting' magazine. I was paid $50.00. They also published the 'Good-bye' poem for me in the Oct issue this year. Updates

Forever Love

Barefoot flower child,
Left by herself
Learned about life
From no book on the shelf

A hippie at heart,
It was truly her groove
Woodstock was calling
So she got on the move