Miu Miu Ayushi

Biography of Miu Miu Ayushi

Miu Miu began her career in the arts first as a professional child actor and then as a dancer in classical ballet.

In University, she studied education and psychology and while working with children, she was inspired to create projects for them so she went back to school to study film and animation, specializing in computer graphics and 3D animation. She has worked as a media artist ever since, concentrating on projects with an educational content.

Miu Miu is also a film director having done several independent films and then directing a film with a production company in Canada. Her work won her several awards including Honourable Mention (Merit Award) at the Columbus Ohio International Film and Video Festival and winning the New Media Artist Award for Science and Technology at the New York Film Festival in the education category. Her film work has been accepted in over 72 International film festivals from Canada, Asia to New Zealand.

Miu Miu worked as a Director in Art and Media at a 3D Animation software company in beautiful British Columbia. An innovative company which creates educational software for dancers and choreographers as well for animators in the 3D gaming industry.

She is a union ACTRA member and was recently seen in a BMO commercial in the role of a satisfied customer and another commercial as a former student for the BC Board of Education.

Miu Miu is also the founder of a volunteer run, not for profit rescue group helping rescue small breed dogs (occasional cats) across Canada. The rescue group is completely run by a dedicated group of volunteers and they specialize in placing abandoned dogs into new homes. The group has rescued over 723 dogs to date.

Miu Mius art work in mixed media can be seen at the Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa and also other galleries across Canada. She uses clay, acrylics, and ink as her medium.

She is finishing her first book in poetry and will be directing a short film based on one of her poems My Red House which is a poem on child abuse. Her poems are inspired by the many women and children she has helped empower as a therapist. The book is in dedication to them.

Miu Miu has a passion for life. She is a multi tasking ingenue with a thirst for creative vision and always seeking new challenging ventures. Her goal in life is to live spiritually free without having to conform to labels and to break down any stereotypes that are placed in her path.

Written by Chris Clark

Miu Miu Ayushi's Works:

Adaptation of short stories for film, written monologues for theatre, children illustrations, magazine covers and published poetry.

Art work:
http: //www.flickr.com/photos/13860906@N03/6480764219/

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My Red House

My Red House
Shh, be quiet as a mouse

I once played in that red house
Shy was I, like a little mouse
Tippy toed I went looking around
Giggling, without making any sound
Happy was I to run around and play
My very own home to live and stay

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