Moez Ben Meftah

Freshman - 714 Points [Ahyas] (29/1/1970 / Ksar Helel - Monastir - Tunisia)

Moez Ben Meftah Quotes

  • ''How much is left for morrow?
    That day never comes, you know,
    you look ahead it looks narrow,
    We're but plethora of tales, much ado,
    We break the ice of the day by 'years ago'
    What's left of your build?
    A skinny edifice of bones with no marrow,
    A mind that thickens but doesn't grow
    A tongue raving around the clock just to show,
    You think or you think not,
    You exist not outside your words 'n shadow,''
    Moez Ben Meftah
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  • ''Ah, as fools of white slavery pass by, truth is thrust
    It is shimmering with joy in a blessed chaste chest
    It is in my heart crowned with euphoria in its best
    It is fools' la ilaha illa lah if you twig the dawn's roost''
    Moez Ben Meftah
  • ''A good friend on the net,
    We all live within the words,
    We don't feel ourselves beyond the borders,
    Your friend is your idea, and thought,
    The letters t, s that you cross
    And the I, s that you dot,
    The real friend in meat that you really meet,
    Is your smart mind, your kind heart.''
    Moez Ben Meftah
  • ''Many people stay great despite the one who drags them to minimize,
    Old Habib is an isle by himself and all the rest of the guys,
    Are but ciphers, without figures, that stumble into pits of demise''
    Moez Ben Meftah
  • ''The same rule of old timers still applies nowadays:
    Never can the naughty cobra turn to a mild goose.

    So, the pharos, from Moses' days until that of Cairo's
    Can toss, by use of force, al the gypsies back to cells
    And put the rest of the folk to the sword or the noose.
    They could pepper the Magna Charta with feud laws,

    But they couldn't temper with the truth that he knows:
    One plus one never equal the result of two zeroes;
    Those who have hearts of faith will become real heroes,
    And the lusty on the thrones, will stay nasty bores''
    Moez Ben Meftah

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Stay Tuned!

Stay Tuned!

My door was shut and so were the windows,
I could hear in my kitchen, a big blast in Belfast,
A tempest in the West and in Palestine it blows;
Sixty minutes of BBC World news and comments.

I took my pipe to change the air in Hyde Park,
An old acquaintance greeted me 'hi, Jack! '

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