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Moffat Mbuzi Poems

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36. Loneliness 1/12/2007
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Without permission loneliness visited
and settled in my heart,
So cruel to the heart it took over control,
It made me envy other souls with mates.
For mine hasen't one to care for;

I sleep with my heart awake,
I dream the dreams of sorrow,
I scream in the middle of the night.
And I wake but only to find myself without nobody,

Is my soul a kind of a soul without a mate?
No one to love and nobody to love me,
I watch and behold pairs of lovers strolling
My eyes drown in sympathy;
I cry in total silence.

I need some one to care for, ...

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Time Will Tell It All

In you lies my confidence,
your presence- so strong to hold my strength,
I wish you close to me forever by my side.
I know words alone can not trury express how I feel but
I know time will tell it all.

In the morning I wake up.......,
Then I realise I'm in love- how sweet is my imagination,
My love I imagine putting my lips on yours,

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