Mohamed Al-Maghout

(1934-2006 / Salamiya)

Biography of Mohamed Al-Maghout

Mohamed Al-Maghout poet

Muhammed al-Maghut (1934- April 3, 2006) (Arabic: محمد الماغوط‎) was a Syrian writer and poet. He was born in Salamiya, Syria.
Muhammad Maghout was credited as the father of the Arabic free verse poetry, liberating the Arabic poems from the traditional form and revolutionizing the structure of the poem.[by whom?] He wrote for theater, TV and cinema. Maghut's work combined satire with descriptions of social misery and malaise, illustrating what he viewed as an ethical decline among rulers in the region. Some of his themes included the problems of injustice and totalitarian governments. He co-operated with Syrian actors Dureid Lahham and Nihad Qal'i to produce some of the region's most popular and acclaimed theatrical works, such as Kasak ya Watan (Toast to the homeland) and Ghorbeh (Estrangement).
Al-Maghut was also known for his book "I will betray my homeland", a collection of essays.
Al-Maghut died at the age of 72 in April 2006. Updates


They stripped me of my sword as a warrior
my pen as a poet
my brush as a painter
and my guitar as a Gypsy
On my way to the grave
they returned to me my belongings
So what can I say to them
more than the violin says to the storm

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