Mohamed Neuf Bah

Rookie (24th Aoril 1992 / Brookfields)

Biography of Mohamed Neuf Bah

I am a lover of writing, I have composed over half a century of poems. I love to rhyme and I am good at rhymeing.Since I am good at rhymeing, I also compose songs. In my class I do freestyle music for my friends.
I joined this site to publish my poems and see how they would be rated.Therefore I'll apprecite your vote and comment.
I would also love to make friends with other members.
Everyone is welcome. Updates

The Land Is Sierra Leone

Sierra leone is the country.
Everything is nice and merry.
The flag is green, white and blue.
She is the most beautiful place tis true.

She has the best natural harbour.
She has tall trees and birds with beautiful colour.
Her motto is unity, freedom and justice.
Serving and defending her is our daily practice.

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