Mohammad Akmal Nazir

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Biography of Mohammad Akmal Nazir

I am Mohd. Akmal Nazir. I am the resident of mohalla Quazipura, Bahraich. I am the eldest son of my parents. My father late Mr. Mohd. Nazir Khan was a teacher in a local interermediate college. My mother Mrs. Shahida Begum is a house wife. I have two younger brothers(Athar Nazir and Arshad Nazir) and two younger sisters(Mrs. Rehana Salman and Irfana) . My brother-in-law Salman Ali takes delight in politics. He is a contractor by profession at the same time he is a good orator. He is very famous across Gonda. I am the husband of a traditional caring wife, Shaista Nazir and father of two beautiful children, Ahsan and Bilal. I am a post-graduate and I run an English coaching institute. I write verses both in Urdu and English. I don't call myself a poet because I simply express my ideas in the easiest language and I don't decorate my verses literally. I love to invite criticism.

Mohammad Akmal Nazir's Works:

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On Gujrat Riots

Fear them?
Who have taken
the world on stride,
Their callous hearts have no
human milk
in store,
The scream of
orphan, the wail of widow,
Move their heart intensely no more, Believing youths
are blamed alone,
Whose ancestors
taught the world
to love before.

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