mohammad komijani

Rookie (26/8/1955 / Arak- Komijan)

Biography of mohammad komijani

mohammad komijani poet

he burned in komijan(1955) and went to primary school in there but for high school he have to go Arak that was big city and center of markazi province. then for studying in university he moved to Tehran (Iran capital city) and studied geology and after gratuate(1979) he got married and found 2 boys then he went to Semnan province for work in water supplying projects and had wrote many teknical reports about Dams and channels and water resurces and etc.they lived and worked there for 13 years and they found a girl in these years and after 13 years work he came back to tehran(1996) and work and live there to now.

mohammad komijani's Works:

- more than 25 volume teknical reports
- more than 10 volumes unpublished books about Komijan, s history, geography, culture and etc.
- many poems in farsi language Updates


I did lost you and try to habit
You did left me and I try to habit
I am going to habit that you do not be with me
I am going to habit that I will not see you again

I am going to habit that you do not will come to me
You went and my life became empty of meaning without you
My days and nights is same equal, both black and boring
I am going to habit to your lovely empty seats

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