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Mohammad Muzzammil poet

Mohammad Muzzammil Shah resides at Qazipura-south in Bahraich. He thinks himself a lifelong student. He belongs to a well to do family. He father runs a shop of cloth near Chowk bazaar. They are six brothers and five sisters, and he at fifth number in brothers. He was not a good student until he reached in High School. His brother, Mohammad Talha helped him alto financially in tuitions' fee.
He didn't know English well or he couldn't think that he would compose poems in English. Mohammad Akmal Nazir, the master of language taught him English and made him able to read, write and speak English. Before this, he would write his poems in Urdu, but there was no attraction due to lack of love fragrance. So, I decided to love someone to observe its matters so that his poems are rich in expression.
He loved a girl that was his coaching mate. He was glad beyond proper limits when he proposed her, but received no response whether in affirmation or negation. He was lingering on and also thought that he had done something wrong proposing her. May be she was pious and didn't like these things, but it was clear soon. He came to know that she had many boy friends and his heart tossed to break when she expressed her love with boy of his own batch. One day she was passing with friends by me, his heart spoke out:

Cheater, cheater, these are passers,
Jaunty face but black heart,
Smiling face but true love apart,
Like a bad book but good covers.

And since then he began to write in English. He wrote so many poems that not only contains love matter but also deal with Nature. He visited Mumbai in 2008 completing my graduation in art stream. He loved to visit seashores. Once emotions aroused and he composed his one of the best poems “Bandstand Beach”. He stayed there with his brother. But, after 40 days staying there he came back because he failed to get a job there. After returning from Mumbai, he joined Standard Crescent School and began his career as an English teacher. He left this school after two years for the betterment, and joined Galaxy English School.
His poems were published in an anthology “In Praise, In Words, In Ink”. After that his first poetry book “On the Heat of Emotion” was published Canada. He organized a poets’ group and recently published the first anthology “Wordsmiths’ In Their Verses”. This book contains the works of global poets. He is now Vice-Principal in Galaxy English School, Bahraich.

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Mohammad Muzzammil's Works:

On the Heat of Emotion
Wordsmiths In Their Verses Updates

The Plight Of Humanity

There is a glade full of flowers,
Like a new, decorated bride,
Winds blows slowly, it showers,
Enjoying nature on steed I ride,
In woods I reach happily by and by,
But forced me to pause the deepest sigh.

Bewildered I turn back and see,
A pretty lady in ragged attires,

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