Mohammad Muzzammil

Rookie - 389 Points (2nd July,1986 / Bahraich, India)

Mohammad Muzzammil Poems

41. We Are Stranger Again 10/24/2015
42. Water 3/21/2016
43. Our Nation India 8/9/2016
44. S Tribute To Doctors 6/29/2017
45. On The Beginning Of New Session 7/10/2017
46. Freedom 8/29/2013
47. Dawn Of Hope 9/30/2013
48. The Girl 9/15/2013
49. A Charming Night 8/1/2013
50. Dosti 1/1/2011
51. A Singing Caged Bird 3/12/2011
52. My College (K.D.C.) 4/16/2011
53. The Cottage 4/28/2011
54. The Poet And The Sun ~ 1 5/27/2011
55. My FrıEnd - Zone (Mohammad KaıF) 7/22/2011
56. The World 9/12/2012
57. The Heart And Tongue 11/30/2012
58. The Moon Of Eid 8/19/2012
59. The Wings Of Love 5/31/2012
60. My Teacher's Beloved Wife 12/10/2010
61. A Dusk In Nepal (At Returning From There) 10/22/2010
62. A Ballad Of Love 11/11/2013
63. On Speaking The Truth 10/22/2010
64. The Girl In My Heart 6/2/2012
65. Walk Alone 4/29/2013
66. The Scattered Dream 4/29/2011
67. Ode To Teacher 3/12/2011
68. Ode To Woman 10/28/2010
69. Offsprings Of Adam And Satan - (Satan) 10/29/2010
70. The Rimer And The Venus 12/29/2010
71. A Virtual Visit To Egypt 2/2/2011
72. Muzzammil 8/30/2011
73. The Fate Of Love 4/3/2012
74. The Final And Fresh Sun 10/27/2010
75. My Tea Cup 10/24/2010
76. My Dream Girl 10/24/2010
77. Child And Mother 10/19/2010
78. A Visit To The Taj 12/26/2010
79. A Merciless Jill 10/26/2010
80. Lovely Morning 12/28/2011

Comments about Mohammad Muzzammil

  • Ata Ata (3/13/2013 5:00:00 AM)

    Your poetry often tends to underline some important society 's issues. You like to send some important messages through your poems to your readers.Your words are well crafted.I wish your poetry could enchant many readers.Good luck!

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    0 person did not like.
  • Wasim Akram Wasim Akram (8/17/2012 1:55:00 PM)

    Nice poems all poems r heart touching...congrate muzammil bhai

  • Angela Wybrow Angela Wybrow (6/8/2011 12:12:00 PM)

    I love Bandstand Beach and Ode To Teacher. Your use of language is really good.

  • Amy Marie Amy Marie (12/13/2010 4:58:00 PM)

    Your poems are pretty well written :)

Best Poem of Mohammad Muzzammil

A Child's Dream (On Gujrat Riot)

This is a dramatically poem on the Gujrat riot...>

Once while sleeping I saw a dream,
In a beautiful ground was playing,
That was lying near a lovely stream,
A pretty smile was the sun displaying,
Grass was tickling when we'd run,
And dew disappeared as shone the sun.

In the game, so fast I ran,
And found myself far away,
Saw back but no friend I sought,
But my eyes met an old mourning man,
May be, he forgot his own way,
I reached him curiously in this thought.

When he turned his lovely face,
I recognized, Ah! Our National ...

Read the full of A Child's Dream (On Gujrat Riot)

The Plight Of Humanity

There is a glade full of flowers,
Like a new, decorated bride,
Winds blows slowly, it showers,
Enjoying nature on steed I ride,
In woods I reach happily by and by,
But forced me to pause the deepest sigh.

Bewildered I turn back and see,
A pretty lady in ragged attires,

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