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4481. The Real Winter I Look For 1/27/2018
4482. Poetry 1/28/2018
4483. We No More Talk To The Dead People 2/17/2018
4484. Stop That Ugly War On Syria & On The Syrian People Immediately 2/22/2018
4485. Love Is Better With Her And Even With Me. 2/26/2018
4486. Syria's Peace And War 3/1/2018
4487. The Pretty Sunrise Versus Its Pretty Sunset 3/3/2018
4488. War And Peace 3/5/2018
4489. An Unequal War With Women & With Kids 3/5/2018
4490. Our World Is Selfish 3/7/2018
4491. The Syrians Are Only Victims Of That Ongoing Infighting 3/10/2018
4492. The Syrians Are Only Victims Of That Ongoing Infighting. 3/10/2018
4493. Syria's War Starts Its Eighth Year Painfully To Its People And To The Whole World 3/14/2018
4494. The Dead Can Not Hear Us And Some Of Those Who Are Still Alive 3/17/2018
4495. We Keep Dreaming Endlessly. 3/20/2018
4496. The War On Syria Is Not Over 3/25/2018
4497. There Is Not Any Pretty Peace In Syria Now 3/31/2018
4498. The Other Side Of The Chemical War On The Syrian People 4/7/2018
4499. Any War Is Not Any Peace -new- 6/11/2018
4500. Empires Of Evil 3/25/2015
4501. An Evil's Spokesman 3/25/2015
4502. Harassment At Work 3/24/2015
4503. Crossing All Lines Anytime 3/17/2015
4504. This World Is Everyone's 3/16/2015
4505. By The Way And Every Way... 3/14/2015
4506. Time Is A Bitter Enemy 3/12/2015
4507. In Our Dreams 3/12/2015
4508. Help Wanted Anytime 3/11/2015
4509. An Employee At A Seeds' Toaster 3/11/2015
4510. March's unexpected and sudden rains -امطار آذار الغير متوقعة و المفاجئة 3/11/2015
4511. Saying One's Prayers Everyday 3/7/2015
4512. Roads and streets طرقات و شوارع 3/7/2015
4513. Life consists of two words - تتألف الحياة من كلمتين 3/5/2015
4514. Little Dreams 3/3/2015
4515. That crazy March آذار ابو الزلازل و الامطار 3/4/2015
4516. Kidding Anytime. 3/1/2015
4517. Hailstones 2/19/2015
4518. Deep, Deeper, The Deepest, And Depth 2/23/2015
4519. Every Winter 2/22/2015
4520. Focus التركيز 2/19/2015

Comments about MOHAMMAD SKATI

  • Soul Watcher Soul Watcher (4/22/2015 8:33:00 AM)

    قصائدك من أجمل القصائد.. وكلماتك من أجمل الكلمات... شكرا على مشاركة هذه الأعمال الرائعة هنا.

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  • Rajnish Manga Rajnish Manga (2/15/2015 9:55:00 AM)

    I have found that your writings come out of the crucible of experience and are aimed at the general well being and common good of people. We wish that this spirit prevails everywhere without obstruction. Thanks.

  • Neela Nath Das Neela Nath Das (9/14/2014 9:10:00 AM)

    A very sensitive soul, I ever met in my life.Md Skati is an emblem of Peace, a symbol of fraternity and brotherhood.He knows the ancient words of Uponishad- - - - - Bosudhoybo kutumbokom.

  • Selim Reza (1/12/2013 3:48:00 AM)

    Sir ur poems is fine. I like it very much. We wanna ur more poems will be published.


I Am Alone In This World

Born alone Live alone Eat alone Walk alone Swim alone Read alone Speak alone Jump alone Climb alone ...

Read the full of I Am Alone In This World

Any War Is Not Any Peace

To start a war is
A gloomy thing and
To start a pretty peace is
A great thing
Simply because that's
The way with any war and
With any peace
Anytime, anywhere, and even
Everywhere with our world....

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