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641. The Influx Of More Displaced Into The Unknown 9/6/2013
642. The World Of An Ugly Mosquito (A Tyrant) 9/6/2013
643. Mass Graves Of Humanity 9/6/2013
644. The Pretty Daffodils 5/8/2013
645. Adham 9/22/2013
646. I Am Looking For Your Love 9/27/2013
647. The Age Of Flafel And Tameea 9/30/2013
648. My Pretty Latakia 9/30/2013
649. The Pretty Refugees Of Our Time 9/30/2013
650. One Candle 4/17/2013
651. Red Lines Of This World 10/2/2013
652. I Am Still Alone 10/2/2013
653. Your Pretty Choice 10/2/2013
654. The Unknown Heroine Of True Love 10/2/2013
655. The Hypocrite People 10/2/2013
656. Spring Is Pretty Thought 4/16/2013
657. I Am In Love, But She Is Not 10/3/2013
658. The Princess Of Love 10/4/2013
659. Your Name Is Pretty And Lovely 10/4/2013
660. Your Love Is Eternal 10/4/2013
661. Your Approval Is Necessary 10/4/2013
662. Make Up Your Mind 10/6/2013
663. Your Winter Is Warm And Sweet 10/5/2013
664. Mohammad Ghazoul 10/5/2013
665. Your Acceptance Makes Me Different 10/7/2013
666. There Is Only One Egypt In My Heart 4/11/2013
667. Egypt Is The Beauty Queen 4/10/2013
668. Your Love Is Strong And Concrete 10/8/2013
669. Egypt And Its Alexanderia 4/8/2013
670. My Baby Is Very Kind And Smart 10/9/2013
671. Our Time Is Timeless And Absurd 10/9/2013
672. Top Fashion 10/10/2013
673. Emigration Into My Dreams 4/4/2013
674. Noble Prize Winners In Our Time 10/11/2013
675. I Look For A New Love 10/11/2013
676. The Rule Of Love 10/13/2013
677. They Let The Fleeing Refugees Die 10/21/2013
678. In The Pretty Moments Of Silence 10/21/2013
679. She Says She Loves Me 10/20/2013
680. The Burial Of Our Civilization 10/20/2013

Comments about MOHAMMAD SKATI

  • Soul Watcher Soul Watcher (4/22/2015 8:33:00 AM)

    قصائدك من أجمل القصائد.. وكلماتك من أجمل الكلمات... شكرا على مشاركة هذه الأعمال الرائعة هنا.

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  • Rajnish Manga Rajnish Manga (2/15/2015 9:55:00 AM)

    I have found that your writings come out of the crucible of experience and are aimed at the general well being and common good of people. We wish that this spirit prevails everywhere without obstruction. Thanks.

  • Neela Nath Das Neela Nath Das (9/14/2014 9:10:00 AM)

    A very sensitive soul, I ever met in my life.Md Skati is an emblem of Peace, a symbol of fraternity and brotherhood.He knows the ancient words of Uponishad- - - - - Bosudhoybo kutumbokom.

  • Selim Reza (1/12/2013 3:48:00 AM)

    Sir ur poems is fine. I like it very much. We wanna ur more poems will be published.


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