Gold Star - 51,408 Points [THE PRETTY STAR]


1481. THE DARK TUNNEL OF DARKNESS نفق الظلمة المعتم 7/1/2014
1482. Towards A New World 7/7/2014
1483. UNDER THEIR FEET تحت اقدامهم 7/9/2014
1484. From Behind Our Window 7/9/2014
1485. PATOS ORCHARD AND THE PALACE OF HAPPINESS بستان الباطوس و قصر السعادة 7/14/2014
1486. A Victory For All Of Them Against An Ugly Aggression 7/14/2014
1487. This Morning 7/15/2014
1488. My Real Rebirth 7/15/2014
1489. A Good Deal Or No Deal At All 7/15/2014
1490. If Days Were Unfair To Him 7/15/2014
1491. DISILLUSIONMENT الخذلان 7/15/2014
1492. THE SWING الزنزوقة - المرجوحة - 7/15/2014
1493. THE EID EL-FITIR' S PARKING LOT ساحة عيد الفطر 7/15/2014
1494. LONG LIVE AL-FALAFEL WA AL-FOUL! ليحيا الفلافل و الفول! 7/15/2014
1495. A Real Loss الضياع الحقيقي 7/16/2014
1496. Tools Of Evil 7/16/2014
1497. TOOLS OF EVIL ادوات الشر 7/16/2014
1498. A REED PIPE AND A DRUM مزمار و طبل 7/16/2014
1499. OUR MOSQUES ARE CLEAR TARGETS OF AGGRESSIONجوامعنا اهداف العدوان الجلية 7/14/2014
1500. Endless Roads 7/14/2014
1501. ENDLESS ROADS طرق بلا نهاية 7/14/2014
1502. ENDLESS ROADS طرق بلا نهاية 7/14/2014
1503. A BALLAD OF DREAMLAND اغنية ارض الاحلام 7/14/2014
1504. Blackout 7/16/2014
1505. An Ugly Image (An Ugly Cigarette) 7/16/2014
1506. MY THOUGHTS THROUGHOUT MY LIFE افكاري من خلال حياتي 7/16/2014
1507. There Are People Who Are Not Ashamed Of Themselves 7/16/2014
1508. All The World Has Changed Very Cosiderably Into The Worst Except Me 7/16/2014
1509. Mwny Ways, But Different Destinations 7/17/2014
1510. The Death Toll Of An Ugly Aggression 7/17/2014
1511. AN UGLY IMAGE (AN UGLY CIGARETTE) صورة قبيحة - سيجارة قبيحة 7/17/2014
1512. Targeting Innocent Kids Is Not Only A Crime, But It's A Genocide Anytime, Anywhere, And Everywhere 7/17/2014
1513. FINALLY THE MULBERRY'S LEAF HAS FALLEN اخيرا سقطت ورقة التوت 7/17/2014
1514. FLOOD OF BLOOD طوفان الدم 7/17/2014
1515. Her Love 7/17/2014
1516. HER LOVE عشقها 7/17/2014
1517. TO THE AGGRESSORS الى المعتدين 7/17/2014
1518. All Their War Weaponry Will Turn Into Junk 7/17/2014
1519. PATOS ORCHARD WAS A BIG REMINDER OF MY PRETTY CHILDHOOD كان بستان الباطوس تذكار لطفولتي الجميلة 7/18/2014
1520. WHEN MAGNANIMITY DIES عندما تموت الشهامة 7/18/2014

I Am Alone In This World

Born alone Live alone Eat alone Walk alone Swim alone Read alone Speak alone Jump alone Climb alone ...

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The Brilliant Moon

The moon shines everyday Like a beautiful thing. I see its pretty face reflected in the sea water. Hovering all the time like a bird.

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