Gold Star - 52,446 Points [THE PRETTY STAR]


1601. What Do We Have To Lose More Than What We Lost? 7/29/2014
1602. O Cruel Aggressors! You Can Not Bend Or Break Their Will 7/29/2014
1603. THE PRETTY EID (THE PRETTY DAY) يوم العيد 7/29/2014
1604. PAINS AND SUFFERINGS آلام و اوجاع 7/30/2014
1605. Only Ashes Of An Ugly Aggression 7/30/2014
1606. Images From My Childhood 7/30/2014
1607. Hollow Dnounciations And Condemnations Are Not Enough To Stop That Ongoing Aggression Against Innocent People In Their Tiny City 7/30/2014
1608. AMONG THE RUINED INFRASTRUCTURE بين البنية التحتية المدمرة 7/30/2014
1609. MY SITUATION IS MY REMINDER OF MY MYSELF حالتي تذكرني بحالي 7/30/2014
1610. GAZA غزة 7/31/2014
1611. A FOLK SONG اغنية فولكلورية JESSIE MACKAY 7/31/2014
1612. ABROAD في الخارج 7/31/2014
1613. People الناس 7/31/2014
1614. August آب - اغسطس 8/1/2014
1615. August آب - اغسطس 8/1/2014
1616. HEAVEN - IS WHAT I CANNOT REACH! الجنة هي مالااستطيع ان اصل! 8/1/2014
1617. THE PRETTY SEAS IN YOUR PRETTY EYES البحار الجميلة في عيونك الجميلة 8/2/2014
1618. I THOUGHT OF YOU فكرت بك 8/2/2014
1619. The Pretty Seas In Your Pretty Eyes 8/2/2014
1620. We Are In Reality 8/2/2014
1621. WE ARE IN REALITY نحن في الحقيقة 8/2/2014
1622. PRAISING THE DESERVED PEOPLE ANYTIME مدح الناس الذين يستحقون المدح في اي وقت 8/2/2014
1623. BEHINH MY THOUGHTS خلف افكاري 8/2/2014
1624. Behinh My Thoughts 8/2/2014
1625. ICECREAM البوظة - الجيلاتي - الايسكريم - 8/2/2014
1626. ICECREAM البوظة - الجيلاتي - الايسكريم - 8/2/2014
1627. CHERRIES الكرز 8/2/2014
1628. Behind The Pretty Rock Of Suicide خلف صخرة الانتحار الجميلة 7/31/2014
1629. Gaza غزة 7/31/2014
1630. FROM HERE من هنا 8/1/2014
1631. The Ugly Images Of An Ugly Aggression 8/1/2014
1632. Cherries 8/3/2014
1633. EGYPT IS WONDERFUL مصر الرائعة 8/3/2014
1634. Ice Creams 8/3/2014
1635. A WAR THAT PREVAILS الحرب التي تسود 8/3/2014
1636. A HEN دجاجة 8/3/2014
1637. A BEAM OF LIGHT شعاع نور 8/3/2014
1638. A War That Prevails 8/3/2014
1639. SILENCE IS A GIRL'S LOUDEST CRY الصمت هو اعلى صرخة للبنت 8/3/2014
1640. NEVER FALL IF YOU CAN لاتقع اذا كنت قادرا 8/3/2014

Comments about MOHAMMAD SKATI

  • Soul Watcher Soul Watcher (4/22/2015 8:33:00 AM)

    قصائدك من أجمل القصائد.. وكلماتك من أجمل الكلمات... شكرا على مشاركة هذه الأعمال الرائعة هنا.

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  • Rajnish Manga Rajnish Manga (2/15/2015 9:55:00 AM)

    I have found that your writings come out of the crucible of experience and are aimed at the general well being and common good of people. We wish that this spirit prevails everywhere without obstruction. Thanks.

  • Neela Nath Das Neela Nath Das (9/14/2014 9:10:00 AM)

    A very sensitive soul, I ever met in my life.Md Skati is an emblem of Peace, a symbol of fraternity and brotherhood.He knows the ancient words of Uponishad- - - - - Bosudhoybo kutumbokom.

  • Selim Reza (1/12/2013 3:48:00 AM)

    Sir ur poems is fine. I like it very much. We wanna ur more poems will be published.


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Born alone Live alone Eat alone Walk alone Swim alone Read alone Speak alone Jump alone Climb alone ...

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The pretty city lies
In my heart
Simply because
I love it greatly and
Even wonderfully...
I love its pretty Autumn
Simply because it displays
All the pretty season's
Lovely things like

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