Gold Star - 52,774 Points [THE PRETTY STAR]


1801. Saying One's Prayers Peacefully 8/27/2014
1802. Out Of Days' Bellies 8/27/2014
1803. OUT OF DAYS' BELLIES من بطون الايام 8/27/2014
1804. Gaza's Triumph Is Everyone's 8/27/2014
1805. GAZA'S TRIUMPH IS EVERYONE'S انتصار غزة هو انتصار الجميع 8/27/2014
1806. A Secret 8/27/2014
1807. Our Words Are Repeating Our Actions 8/28/2014
1808. Our Words Are Not Funny 8/28/2014
1809. We Must Stick To Our Words 8/28/2014
1810. WE MUST STICK TO OUR WORDS يجب ان نلتصق بكلماتنا 8/28/2014
1811. OUR WORDS ARE NOT FUNNY كلماتنا ليست للتسلية 8/28/2014
1812. Some Words Are Not Delicate 8/28/2014
1813. Only In Summertime... People Enjoy Everything 8/28/2014
1814. My Honey Words Are Misunderstood 8/28/2014
1815. Their Pains And Their Sufferings Are Mine Anytime 8/28/2014
1816. Their Pains And Their Sufferings Are Mine 8/28/2014
1817. A LOVELY ENGAGEMENT AND A GREAT MARRIAGE خطبة جميلة و زواج عظيم 8/28/2014
1818. ONLY IN SUMMERTIME...PEOPLE ENJOY EVERYTHING فقط في وقت الصيف... يستمتع الناس بكل شيء 8/28/2014
1819. Jane Eyre's Red Room 8/28/2014
1820. As A Critic 8/28/2014
1821. Man's Pretty Wisdom 8/29/2014
1822. Innocence 8/29/2014
1823. Why Not Very Pretty Human Beings? 8/29/2014
1824. Among The Good People 8/29/2014
1825. The Mountain Road 8/29/2014
1826. MAZZIN VILLAGE ضيعة مزين 8/29/2014
1827. Mazzin Village 8/29/2014
1828. Among The Pretty Pebbles 8/29/2014
1829. AN UMBRELLA مظلة 8/29/2014
1830. A Coffee Kettle For A Cup Of Coffee 8/29/2014
1831. THE TREACHEROUS SEA البحر الغدار 8/29/2014
1832. A COFFEE KETTLE FOR A CUP OF COFFEE غلاية قهوة لفنجان قهوة 8/29/2014
1833. ALL PRETTY FLOWERS AND ALL PRETTY ROSES كل الزهور الجميلة و كل الورود الجميلة 8/30/2014
1834. I Love 8/30/2014
1835. August Is Going To Expire 8/30/2014
1836. All Pretty Flowers And All Pretty Roses 8/30/2014
1837. AMONG THE PRETTY PEBBLES مابين الحصوات الرائعة 8/30/2014
1838. Only In Summertime 8/28/2014
1839. I Hope That My Words Please All People 8/28/2014
1840. That Palm-Tree 8/30/2014

Comments about MOHAMMAD SKATI

  • Soul Watcher Soul Watcher (4/22/2015 8:33:00 AM)

    قصائدك من أجمل القصائد.. وكلماتك من أجمل الكلمات... شكرا على مشاركة هذه الأعمال الرائعة هنا.

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  • Rajnish Manga Rajnish Manga (2/15/2015 9:55:00 AM)

    I have found that your writings come out of the crucible of experience and are aimed at the general well being and common good of people. We wish that this spirit prevails everywhere without obstruction. Thanks.

  • Neela Nath Das Neela Nath Das (9/14/2014 9:10:00 AM)

    A very sensitive soul, I ever met in my life.Md Skati is an emblem of Peace, a symbol of fraternity and brotherhood.He knows the ancient words of Uponishad- - - - - Bosudhoybo kutumbokom.

  • Selim Reza (1/12/2013 3:48:00 AM)

    Sir ur poems is fine. I like it very much. We wanna ur more poems will be published.


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