Gold Star - 52,446 Points [THE PRETTY STAR]


281. Beauty is Genuine and Pretty (الجمال هو شيء اصلي و جميل) 6/30/2013
282. I MISS EVERYONE AND EVERYONE AROUND ME (افتقد كل واحد و كل شيء حولي) 6/30/2013
283. I Got Stuck With Everything Bad In My Life 6/29/2013
284. Nicholas Was A Pizza Deliveryman At Kamal's Store 6/30/2013
285. OUR HOMELESSNESS IS SYMBOLIC (تشردنا هو شيء رمزي) 6/29/2013
286. Our Homelessness is Symbolic (تشردنا هو شيء رمزي) 6/29/2013
287. I AM ALL TIRED AND EXHAUSTED (انا كلي تعب و منهك) 6/29/2013
288. EGYPT IS WONDERFUL (مصر الرائعة) 6/29/2013
289. PEOPLE KNOW ME ONLY WHEN I MAKE ONE MISTAKE (يعرفني الناس فقط عندما ارتكب خطئا واحدا) 6/29/2013
290. I AM ALL TIRED AND EXHAUSTED (انا كلي تعب و منهك) 6/29/2013
291. The Pretty Idols 6/25/2013
292. امام الفرن (IN FRONT OF THE BAKERY) 6/25/2013
293. ماقبل الزواج عند المرأة (BEFORE MARRIAGE WITH THE WOMAN) 6/23/2013
294. ؟ سندويتشة فلافل او سندويتشة شاورما (A Falafel Sub Or A Shaurma Sub) 6/23/2013
295. شراء الوقت (BUYING TIME) 6/23/2013
296. المسافر الجميل (THE PRETTY TRAVELER) 6/22/2013
297. OUR SOFT WORDS (كلماتنا الرخوة) 6/22/2013
298. MISUNDERSTANDING (سوء فهم) 6/22/2013
299. My Ultimate Ability 6/21/2013
300. سأظل ابحث عنها (I WILL KEEP LOOKING FOR HER) 6/22/2013
301. صحن تبولة 6/21/2013
302. اخذ الامور بشكل شخصي 6/21/2013
303. Where Are We? 6/20/2013
304. مسبح فارس 6/21/2013
305. Adeeb Qudsi, The Great Memory 6/18/2013
306. True And Pure Love Only 7/26/2013
307. Unequal Victory Upon Kids And Women 7/28/2013
308. Crime And Punishment 7/28/2013
309. الحقد و الحسد والغيرة 7/28/2013
310. A False Victory Over Kids & Women 7/29/2013
311. The Storm Is Coming 7/27/2013
312. الاصطهاج 7/27/2013
313. Life Is A Number Of Stations 7/27/2013
314. Save Our Souls (Sos) 7/27/2013
315. My Pretty Dreams Got Vanished 7/27/2013
316. هنيئا للصائم بباب الريان 7/26/2013
317. My Pretty Address 7/26/2013
318. PRETTY PRAYERS IN THE EVENING (صلوات جميلة في المساء) 6/29/2013
319. Under The Line Of Abject Poverty (تحت خط الفقر المدقع) 6/29/2013
320. مصر الحبيبة ام الدنيا 7/25/2013

Comments about MOHAMMAD SKATI

  • Soul Watcher Soul Watcher (4/22/2015 8:33:00 AM)

    قصائدك من أجمل القصائد.. وكلماتك من أجمل الكلمات... شكرا على مشاركة هذه الأعمال الرائعة هنا.

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  • Rajnish Manga Rajnish Manga (2/15/2015 9:55:00 AM)

    I have found that your writings come out of the crucible of experience and are aimed at the general well being and common good of people. We wish that this spirit prevails everywhere without obstruction. Thanks.

  • Neela Nath Das Neela Nath Das (9/14/2014 9:10:00 AM)

    A very sensitive soul, I ever met in my life.Md Skati is an emblem of Peace, a symbol of fraternity and brotherhood.He knows the ancient words of Uponishad- - - - - Bosudhoybo kutumbokom.

  • Selim Reza (1/12/2013 3:48:00 AM)

    Sir ur poems is fine. I like it very much. We wanna ur more poems will be published.


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