Mohammed Bennis

(1948 / Fez)

Mohammed Bennis Poems

1. Rose Of Dust 3/6/2014
2. Doubts 3/6/2014
3. Place 3/6/2014
4. Trance 3/6/2014
5. Twin 3/6/2014
6. Palm 3/6/2014
7. Wish 3/6/2014
8. Letter To Ishtar 3/6/2014
9. Between Silence And Sun 3/6/2014
10. Colours 3/6/2014
11. Bells 3/6/2014
12. The Road To Jerusalem 3/6/2014
13. Wine 3/6/2014
14. Love Is Miracle 3/6/2014
15. Hieroglyphics 10/2/2014
16. Face 3/6/2014
17. Frivolity 3/6/2014
18. I Am Not I 3/6/2014
19. She 3/6/2014
20. Blindness 3/6/2014
21. Seven Birds 3/6/2014
22. Love Is Eternity's River 3/6/2014
23. Love Is Supreme Ruler 3/6/2014

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Best Poem of Mohammed Bennis

Love Is Supreme Ruler

In love, you yield and you're miserable.
In love, you die many times and you're pleased.
In love, you obey.
In love, the forbidden is abolished
Likewise, the despicable
The smutty, the interdicted.

There are no alliances in love,
No choices.
Love is a lethal command.
So give way to the time of its conquest
And take a path
Prepared by your loss.
On the basis of experience, I tell you that in
my youth I loved a blond slave girl of mine,
and since then I have never deemed any
black-haired woman beautiful, and my father
was much the same.

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Out of a stain comes writing
stain left by the wing of death
by the borders
of wandering
by the void
that is oneself
Void inhabited by trance and light
the anti-genealogical
but today
calls to our shared tattooings
and lowering skies

Translated by James Kurkup

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