Mohammed Zeeshan Poems

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Every Generation Blames The One Before

Every generation blames the one before
No! There frustration can’t compete to our soul
I know that I am the prisoner
To all my father have so far did

Praise On The Day I Was Born

Praise on the day I was born
Praise on the night I was conceived
Turn that day into festival
Never again let darkness prevail on it

When I Saw Her For The First Time

When I saw her for the first time
It was wonderful start of the next
When I saw her twinkling eyes
I saw my future bright

I Was Sleeping

I was sleeping
Like a child

Curse On The Day I Was Born

Curse on the day I was born
Curse on the night I was conceived
Turn that day into darkness
Never again let light shine on it

I Am One Who Know How It Is To Be Punished By God

I am one who know how it is to be punished by GOD
HE drove me deeper & deeper into darkness’s
And crushed me again & again with merciless blows
He has left my flesh open & raw to rot

I Found Myself

I found myself
In a strange situation
I don’t know how
Thinking the things

I Was Dead

I was dead
I was color blind
I was stone cold
Then came a breeze

Little Know About Myself

Little know about myself
Little people think
Little the way they live
Little their world