Mohan Rana

(1964 / Dehli / India)

Biography of Mohan Rana

Mohan Rana poet

Mohan Rana (Hindi: मोहन राणा) is a Hindi language poet from India. He has written six poetry books.


Mohan Rana was born in Delhi, India. He completed his graduate degree from Delhi University. His poetry work has been appreciated by poets. He uses techniques of free association and improvisation in his writing. The poet and critic, Nandkishore Acharya, has written that, 'Amongst the new generation of Hindi poets, the poetry of Mohan Rana stands alone; it defies any categorisation. However, its refusal to fit any ideology doesn't mean that Mohan Rana's poetry shies away from thinking - but that it knows the difference between thinking in verse and thinking about poetry. For Mohan Rana the poetic process in itself is also thought process.' Examples of his style of writing poetry are in these fifteen poems, translated from Hindi by Lucy Rosenstein and Bernard O'Donoghue.

A standard shirt
After midnight
Another word for it
As the past approaches
Did you hear it too?
In your own words
Not what the words...
The blue-eyed blackbird
The colour of water
The evening news and the roof of the world
The morning post
The photograph
The poet's fate
The washerman
To the lost children

(Translations from Hindi)

Mohan Rana's Works:

Jagah (Dwelling 1994)
Jaise Janam Koi Darwaza (As If Life Were a Door, 1997)
Subah ki Dak (Morning's Post, 2002)
Is Chhor Par (On This Shore, 2003)
Pathar Ho Jayegi Nadi (Stone-River, 2007)
Dhoop Ke Andhere (In the Darkness of the Sun, 2008) Updates

After Midnight

I saw the stars far off -
as far as I from them:
in this moment I saw them -
in moments of the twinkling past.
In the boundless depths of darkness,
these hours
hunt the morning through the night.

And I can't make up my mind:

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