mohanad alshbib

Rookie (1987 / Aleppo)

Biography of mohanad alshbib

A little kid opened his eyes one fine morning to see the sunlight threads reaching his eyes.
'I see the light' he happily shouted. Then dark clouds assembled in the sky overshadowing the light. He ambitiously said 'I gotta find the light. I gotta reach it embrace it'. Since then I seek that light and won't stop till I die.
This is me the traveler for light. I may mention many things about myself and seem rather haughty, but few things won't be that bad.
I 'm ambitious guy who never stop looking for new adventures, friends, experience in life.
I like drawing, learning all about web and graphic designing, listening to music(mostly pop music) playing basketball, reading books(scientific, historical and religious ones) , watching DVD's and of course reading and writing poetry.
Meditation is my best hobby for it is my way to make my mind more clearer, and that's why I love to go to our farm spending hours by my own thinking and meditating about everything.
I like having friends of different cultural backgrounds for as I believe, the world is a huge book and every person is a unique page in it. The more pages we read, the better we understand this world.

mohanad alshbib's Works:

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I Got My Picture

Your love's powerfully uplifted me

'N made sense of everything I discern

For you changed the way I used to see

My world, my life, and myself in turn

Happiness is no more to be free

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