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my name is Toufik born in Rabat, Morocco
I'm not writer even poet, cause the truth i can't be good in English it's not my first language i try to write correctly what i feel i Know maybe i can't tell you i'm good writer but i have feeling like you and you like all of us because we are human been so i hope you will enjoy reading my poem and why-not feel what i feel that will be great
give me your opinion because i trust in you
share with me your feeling when you read what i feel
that's all we need and that exactly the meaning of been my friend
Sincerely Toufik Updates

Deep Feeling

Some mechanical changes that do not change the intent of the poem.
proposed and corrected by my dear friend C Cruz

So far away from you
Deep in love with you
If you're not my girl
I will try anything, I could
Everything; because, I should
If not, I will look the fool

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