Molay Toufik

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Molay Toufik poet

my name is Toufik born in Rabat, Morocco
I'm not writer even poet, cause the truth i can't be good in English it's not my first language i try to write correctly what i feel i Know maybe i can't tell you i'm good writer but i have feeling like you and you like all of us because we are human been so i hope you will enjoy reading my poem and why-not feel what i feel that will be great
give me your opinion because i trust in you
share with me your feeling when you read what i feel
that's all we need and that exactly the meaning of been my friend
Sincerely Toufik Updates

Love Speaks single love
You.... my best of
I imagine you when i move
Cause without you i’m done
I breed you every day
I see you everywhere

When you cry, hard to show it
When you smile, impossible to head it

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