MoLLiy McQuade Poems

Hit Title Date Added

She is crying, she thinks of it all the time.
She is scared.
Will it hurt?
She looks at her father's gun,


I love you, now your gone.
Oh wait your still here,
This can't be real.
I spoke my mind,

Him Again! ?

Why is she with him again?
She must learn to leave.
She shouldn't stay because he says he'd die with out her.
She needs what's good for her.

I Really Wish I Had Listened

Always keep a dollar in your pocket, Father always said,
You never know when you will need it.
Well sure enough I didn't listen
I didn't think I'd need that dollar

Rubber Band Ball

Never tell a lie, Mother always said,
Well sure enough I didn't listen
It started with a little lie
About where I had been