mona martinez

Biography of mona martinez

I'm a person that writes from the heart. Express feelings through poetry, because it the only way I can find the right words. My poetry is always honested, becaused I see no point in holding back. Either you like me as a writter or you don't. I am who I am. I won't change that for nothing. I grow up to have a mind and speak it, and somewhere along the line I've lost that person. Gaining her back slowly through writting. Updates

Don'T Say You Know

don't freakin say you know my pain.
do you what it like to be different?
do you know i can't do certain things?
do you know when i walk i'm in pain?
do you know sometimes i can't sleep?
what the hell?
you going to tell me you know?
at times i think i will be happy paralyze.
only because the pain can be too much.