Monica Paris

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Monica Paris Poems

1. Thoughts Of Her 12/15/2008
2. Shattered 12/17/2008
3. Who I Am 12/17/2008
4. When We Were Young 12/19/2008
5. Stolen Innocence 1/8/2009
6. I Miss You 12/16/2008
7. Shed A Tear With Me 1/9/2009
8. There's No Telling What Tomorrow Might Bring 1/16/2009
9. Just Friends 1/18/2009
10. My Dear 1/20/2009
11. If Only She Knew 1/20/2009
12. You Have Me 1/20/2009
13. I Don'T Know Love 2/9/2009
14. I Will 2/9/2009
15. About Her 2/9/2009
16. My Angel 2/18/2009
17. Music 2/18/2009
18. Sailing Home 4/1/2009
19. Forgotten Daddy 1/10/2009
20. Only In My Dreams 1/20/2009
21. My Perfect World 11/18/2009
22. Echoes Of Her Heart 11/18/2009
23. Do You Know? 11/18/2009
24. Can I? 11/18/2009
25. What A Wonderful Night 11/18/2009
26. I Think Of You So Often 11/18/2009
27. I Thank You 1/20/2009
28. He Never Promised 11/19/2009
29. Falling In Love With You 1/20/2009
30. This Girl 1/20/2009
31. Have I Told You 4/1/2009
32. Between Us 1/20/2009
33. My Reflection 1/9/2009
34. 'The One' 1/8/2009
35. I Saw Her 12/16/2008
36. You Broke Me 12/15/2008
37. A Cutter's Story 1/10/2009
38. Wish You Were Here 12/15/2008
39. My Beautiful Drug Addiction 4/1/2009
40. The Friend I'Ve Never Met 12/15/2008

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Best Poem of Monica Paris

Advice To A Friend

Don't ever fall in love my friend
you'll see it doesn't pay.

Although it causes broken hearts
it happens every day.

You'll wonder where he is at night
you'll wonder if he's true.

One moment you'll be happy
the next you'll be blue.

When it starts, I don't know why
You'll worry day and night.

You see my friend your love for him
it never turns out right.

Love is fine, But hurts so much
the price you pay is high.

If I could choose between life or death
I'm sure I'd rather die.

So don't ever fall in love my ...

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Thoughts Of Her

I wonder if she realizes how much I care about her...
That I spend hours thinking about her...
Hours talking about her.
I wonder if she realizes that all my friends know all about her,
But she doesn't even know them.
Does it even cross her mind that someone right under her nose cares so much for her?
That everything makes me think of her....
Many song lyrics remind me of her.
Does it occur to her that the person who loves her is right in front of her?

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