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Monica Partridge Poems

1. Life's Great Rewards 8/9/2012
2. Greed Be The Ruler? 8/9/2012
3. True Wealth Is In A Loving Heart 8/9/2012
4. Gift Of Life 8/9/2012
5. Being Human 8/9/2012
6. Blessed Treasures 8/9/2012
7. The Unbreakable Tie 8/11/2012
8. The Light Is Our Guide 8/11/2012
9. Turning Sadness To Joy 8/12/2012
10. Mcu Blues 8/13/2012
11. The Lone Wolf 8/9/2012
12. A Brighter Life 8/17/2012
13. Beautiful Family 8/9/2012
14. A Perfect Fit 8/9/2012
15. My Cherished Friend 8/11/2012
16. The Twisted Road 8/11/2012
17. I Remember 8/15/2012
18. Song In Your Heart 8/9/2012
19. The Soldier 8/9/2012
20. The Joys Of Life 8/9/2012
21. Love We Share 8/17/2012
22. The Still Of The Night 8/9/2012
23. How To Reach Your Goal 8/12/2012

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Best Poem of Monica Partridge

The Still Of The Night

As the darkness of night surrounds me
there's such an amazing beauty I see
just raising my eyes to gaze into the sky
I can feel my spirit rejoyce and fly high.

There are stars aplenty shining so bright
as the moon provides me the perfect light
and the peace and calm that enters my mind
tells me there's no greater wealth to find.

The waters reflection is so smooth and still
as natures miracles give me such a thrill
the silence of night takes my stress away
so I'll be refreshed to face the dawning day.

Sit quietly for just a few moments ...

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The Soldier

The silence is broken by a sudden sound
the soldier drops quickly to the ground
as he looks around to find a safe place
the fear clearly written all over his face.

There, a small rock, looks just big enough
but he knows to get there will be rough
he scans ahead, not sure what he will find
surviving is all that he has on his mind.

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