_Monique_ _Gaitan_

_Monique_ _Gaitan_ Poems

1. Decisions 6/27/2006
2. Are You Worth These Tears 6/27/2006
3. How I Feel About You 6/27/2006
4. _tis The End_ 6/27/2006
5. _my Suffering_ 6/27/2006
6. _confusing_ 6/27/2006
7. _dear Bob_ 6/27/2006
8. My Love For You 6/27/2006
9. _thinking Of You_ 6/27/2006
10. _wasted Love_ 6/27/2006
11. _i'D Like To_ 6/27/2006
12. _if I Could_ 6/27/2006
13. _memories Of You_ 6/27/2006
14. _if You Could See Me_ 6/27/2006
15. _never Taught_ 6/27/2006
16. _why_ 6/27/2006
17. _forget_ 6/27/2006
18. _letting You Go_ 6/27/2006
19. _personal Hell_ 6/27/2006
20. _dear Family And Friends_ 6/27/2006
21. _in Love_ 6/27/2006
22. _silly Me_ 6/27/2006
23. _kill The Pain_ 6/27/2006

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  • Josephine Romero Josephine Romero (8/12/2012 8:49:00 PM)

    man i never knew others felt done what ive done n felt before that poem got to me
    beautiful i hope all is well

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Best Poem of _Monique_ _Gaitan_

_in Love_

You make my heart beat wild
With the crazy things you do
I really can’t help it
I’m madly in love with you

I never thought I would feel this way
After my heart was ripped and torn
But once you came along
My heart felt so re-born

My feelings are so hard to explain
The words wont come out right
But I always think about you
In the middle of the night

You never leave my thoughts
You’re always on my mind
You’ve been there for so long
But didn’t see you-I was blind

But now I have someone
And I love that you are here
I want to have...

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_wasted Love_

The time I have spent with you,
Is as time I have wasted.
With such great expectations,
I pass them to the side, forever.
I thought I loved you, and I did,
But you didn't love me or yourself.
I can't take it any longer,
The pain you have put me through.
For you, there is always an obstacle,