monique palomares

Rookie (1993 / california san jose)

Biography of monique palomares

my name is monique i am 15teen and i love goning to school my freinds are nice and ariana makes me laugh and skyy she makes me smile everyday and all day i love watching basket ball school is cool im planing to go to colleg and its going to be fun and my life is perfect and i love my mom cuz she is koo and my step he is koo to and i have 1 sis and three brothers and there all funny and they are cool to im the oldest out of all of them and i love them all.

monique palomares's Works:

love stroy i love that book its so sad and love is when you really love that some one Updates

When Love Is Gone

love is true love and hate love is gone who is going to be there no one.
love is here love is there once you say i love you love is there you brake her heart by herting her why cause you said love is herting her will that was wrong love is when you look into that spicale someone eyes and say i love you truth herts when you lie in to her eyes then when you grow up you finnly reallise that you lost something spicale and kute will this girl change you just cant say good bye you left a broken heart

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