monique palomares

Rookie (1993 / california san jose)

Biography of monique palomares

my name is monique i am 15teen and i love goning to school my freinds are nice and ariana makes me laugh and skyy she makes me smile everyday and all day i love watching basket ball school is cool im planing to go to colleg and its going to be fun and my life is perfect and i love my mom cuz she is koo and my step he is koo to and i have 1 sis and three brothers and there all funny and they are cool to im the oldest out of all of them and i love them all.

monique palomares's Works:

love stroy i love that book its so sad and love is when you really love that some one Updates

Do You Know What Love Is

one day a boy camed up to and said will you go out with me and i said yes.he told me you are a pretty girl i everd seen and i said thank you. then one day he said i love you i looked back and remmber and i said do you know what love is and he said no i said love is when you look into that someones eyes and say i love you when you get married i had

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