Monique Tucker Poems

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Beauty what is it?
Is it the look of a person
or what you feel inside?
What is it that makes us beautiful?

These Feelings

Running like a speeding bullet, my heart races
For days I've thought about your sweet embraces
Now the day is finally here and I am too scared
I don't want to reveal too much to push you away

Memories - What Have We Got

No one know what our memories hold
until something happens that touches our soul

Memories always survive no matter what

Only You

Why is that I can't stop thinkin about you?
Even though I am not sure if you feel the way I do
There are times when I lust at the things we could do
Spending everytime we have together preciously as if its the last

A Long Walk

As I stroll along the shore I think of you
The times we shared, the moments of joy and comfort
The scent of your hair, the feel of your tender touch
The love we share will never be erased