Monos Unalos

Rookie - 80 Points (What Triviality is this? / The Northern Gate)

Biography of Monos Unalos

I came upon the rushing dawn
That burst from night as if in song -
A melody of ancient hue
Played by the one who carved the moon -
To drink in the fibers of existence;
Process the notions, and, if persistent
Enough to not lose that bright star
That gave to man his first born awe,
To walk within those mighty clouds
Where beauty, peace and love are shrouds. Updates

Darwinian Denouement

Reading the Utne Reader earlier
I came across interesting facts:
Kites on ships to provide motion,
Simple spikes in Darwin’s tracks.
For what can be considered natural
In this day and age
When flesh beings live in towers,
Steel and framed like dauntless cage.
And yet if all this sheilded marrow

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