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too many twists and turns to mention here....

not sure if either is the true url...but you can always simple go to and search by poet name moon spirit..

my biography is my poetry...
i write my life..

love to share antique or obscur poetry...
poetry i find on sites like this..
and that i have collected shopping
in bookstores...
my shelves are full!

i share these at

don't know what else to say

moon batchelder's Works:

published in anthologies...only
in 'Muse Whispers' Updates

Aftermath's Repose

a sea inside of me rolls toward his shores,
an undulant assault upon his flesh,
a warmth of record summer heat explodes,
our bodies drown in satin sheets of sweat,

as moans escaped my lips in fevered breaths,
and sudden lust makes felt it's primal force.
we're tossed like jetsam on the ocean cast,
'til swells of passion hurl us to the floor,

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