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' God Is... '

God, Is The Refuge
God, Is The Rock
God, Is The One, Who
Sets Eternity’s Clock

God, Is The Treasure
God, Is The Answer
God, Is The Pleasure
God, Is Adventure

God, Is The Right
The Reason and Reality
God, Is The Light
The Judge and Finality

God, Is The Hope
And Glory, Above All Things
God, Is He, Who Spoke
… Brought Forth, Living-Beings

God, Is The Power
The Passion and Supreme
God, Is … Our
Unbeatable Dream-Team!

God, Is Wisdom
And The Beautiful King
God, Is The Vision
In All Good Things

God, Is ...

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' I Had To Mention... '

I Had to Mention That I Know You…
I Had to Mention Your Name
I Have to Mention Things About You…
… Over and Over Again…

I Want Any Reader to Take Note…
In Any Poem; In Every Book…
In any Words, That I Have Wrote;
Spoke, or Terms of Talk (or Tirade) Took…

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