Moonlight Shadows

Rookie (Grashaven Sacramento)

Biography of Moonlight Shadows

Doef weer
Rain and clouds
Pressure then sunshine
The heavens weep
To share my heavy heart
In Grashaven where the little boats moor
I found comfort
In strangers boor
This home comfort no more
A beetle's song
Of weeping long
In a box swiftly moving
You placed me there
Never again to see me fair
High aboard the blue bird high
My beetle and I
Fly back home
To river's aisle.
My beetle passes
Amidst the air
He took with him
My spirit's fair
A heart of stone
Now all I have.
Duly sworn
Never to love. Updates

What Pain You Cause Me

What pain you cause me you cannot begin to imagine.
My insides are bone on bone gritting.
It is disorienting.
However evil you are
What pain you cause me I cannot wish on you
As I do not believe it is one even a stone heart as yours can handle.
What pain you cause me
Will make me win this battle.
I hate you

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