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Well I'm 15 years old, I live in Belfast and um... I actually have nothing to say... I'm really into music (ie rock) but all I can play is the trumpet... When was the last time a *successful* rock band had a trumpeteer? Grr. Hmmn.. favourite poetry book type thingy has to be probably the only one I've read:

'The Melancholy Death Of Oyster Boy And Other Stories'

By TIM BURTON cause I love him and pretty much ALL his movies. (Sleepy Hollow, Edward scissorhands, Corpse Bride, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Beetlejuice etcetc) and that's what I draw my inspiration from. That and my usual teenageness aka my dear mother who is so paranoid that she wouldn't let me go to the movies and get the bus back (with my friends) after like 5 o'clock until this year...

Is it just me or do I have a really tragic life, I mean, in a funny way, cause things don't just happen to me, it has to be something thats funny even if its really horrible or annoying or something... Like the most eventful thing that happened to me in primary school was when I tumbled down loads of concrete steps and like fully whacked my head off them ALL and just sorta got up and ran away. Surprising how i'm completely abnormal now eh? Screw being dropped on your head as a baby whacked my OWN head when I was in primary school.


The prodigal daughter (aka my sister who I useta think was like evil -cause my mum made her out to be- cause she had arguments with my mum and didn't believe in god, who i have effectviely turned into) BOUGHT ME A PINK DVD PLAYER.


I'm not spoilt btw, I'm on a fiver a week...

Well... I'll end this on the:

I'm fabulouser than you and you know it. (Excellent use of the english language eh?)

xx Sarah Updates

If Only Magic Was Real.

If only magic was real.
But only for nice wee people.
If evil people had magic,
All chaos would break loose.

The punks would finally get their way,
And there would be all out anarchy.
Evil people could kill nice wee people,
With a flick of the wrist and a ceremonial word,