Morgan Bodden

Rookie (06/16/1985 / Southeast, TX)

Biography of Morgan Bodden

My name is Nelson Morgan Bodden III,23yrs old.I am not going to give to many details for it tends to be prolonged and sad, but I will say I have seen a lot in my 23yrs. I can't say theirs much that i would change or do different if I had another chance, but that is irrelevant since it's not possible any way. Writing has become a big part of my life in more than one way. I don't know what I intend to do with it, but I do write music also which may better dictate my future.I don't no whether writing found me or I found it, but none the less it has truly become a form of medicine not the kinda of medicine that makes you better, but the kind that helps you control. Updates

The Wait

Every breath is a count
Every minute is the past
it's all part of a design to keep
our mind's busy, but
in reality what more is life than a wait

If your lucky tomorrow will be different from today
this eliminates consistency
which only makes the wait less interesting

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