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Im Morgan and Im a HEAVY ROCKER! ! . Moshing is my passion, youll more then likely find me at a show. I can stick up for myself and know how to fight back in any givin situation. Thouse of you that are trying to label me, it will never work. I can fit into many diffrent labels which makes me a 'poser.' I lost a friend because im a 'Poser'. According to her but whatever. If I had a label id advertise myself like most of you do. Yes I do try to fit in with the world in my own rebel way. You may consider me and ass you may consider me sweet whatever floats your boat! Im a Lesbian so guys dont even try. Its not worth your time your not going to change me! Pussy is bettter and dicks look funny. Yes I do cuss a lot, deal with it. I dont consider myself straight edge! I do smoke occasionaly but I dont do it to be cool like other people. I have strong opinions and I state them well. I am extreamly shallow! If your ugly DONT TALK TO ME! ! ! I wount even wanna look at you, youll gross me out! As for you 'scene kids, ' I love your hair and I love what assholes you are, and your styles. But I would never become like that. If you dont like me Tuff luck i aint goin anywhere! Sometimes I do speak and type with imporper gramer I cant help it. But thats life. So you know the basics of me, congrats, now if you want to talk more message me.And remeber whats in the striked out writting! ! ! Updates


she stole my heart, they
say love is agame but
its hard to play shes
showed me a way to
get by i know i can
shes the only one
for me i think about
her all the time i try
not to say good-bye

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