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Morgan Michaels Poems

1241. High Koo 12/8/2013
1242. Life, Liberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness 5/17/2012
1243. This Morning 8/21/2012
1244. The Dolphin Ii 7/4/2013
1245. A Japanese Haiku In Phonics With Translation 5/9/2013
1246. How The Buck Got Passed 11/13/2013
1247. I Wish I Were Young, Again 9/15/2014
1248. 100 10/13/2012
1249. Seven Basic Machines 2/8/2012
1250. Fly 3/2/2012
1251. Forever -new- 9/17/2017
1252. In General 12/30/2015
1253. Five 5/18/2013
1254. Yin And Yang 7/14/2013
1255. A Fairy Tale 7/28/2013
1256. Old Photo 12/9/2012
1257. Spider 3/2/2012
1258. Her 9/20/2013
1259. Poem 2/10/2012
1260. The Ideal City 2/24/2012
1261. Under Heavan 2/27/2015
Best Poem of Morgan Michaels

Under Heavan

Clouds under heaven fly
Winds over meadow hie
Through kept field and forest wild
Rambles my motherless child.

Leaves along the alley fly
Over the valley ravens cry
Higher than the mountain lies
The land of the heart's desire.


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Aunt Fritzi I

What she was is not exactly clear
but as often shown resting in an armchair reading the Times,
a journalist, perhaps? the way she looked
she could have been an ex-rockette.

It is natural and understandable
that she kept so firm a rein on Nancy,
her ward, troublesome child,
who lived with her for reasons

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