Morgan Tayce

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Biography of Morgan Tayce

I may not be your best friend, but i can be if you give me the chance. I may not be able to dry all your tears, but ill be there as a shoulder to cry on. Im a small-town girl who loves rainy days to curl up in a ball and right down the thoughts that haunt my dreams as i sleep. Things that for the life of me, wont leave my poor little heart alone. Yes, im confused, and yes, ive been heart broken but i try to turn my poetry into things that everyone can relate to.

Alot of my poems are inspired by what im feeling at the moment, depression, or extreme happiness. Currently i am dating an amzing guy :) you will see alot of my poems are inspired by him. xoxo Updates

Your Words Still Hurt Me

Why do your words still hurt?
Why does everything you say make my heart sink?
How come even though ive found love, your still always on my mind?
Why does everyone else notice it to?
why do i still care?
Why does It still bother me?
Why do you always think im going to be there for you?
Why do you think that i wont one day walk away?

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