Morgan Tayce

Rookie (July / Kentucky)

Biography of Morgan Tayce

I may not be your best friend, but i can be if you give me the chance. I may not be able to dry all your tears, but ill be there as a shoulder to cry on. Im a small-town girl who loves rainy days to curl up in a ball and right down the thoughts that haunt my dreams as i sleep. Things that for the life of me, wont leave my poor little heart alone. Yes, im confused, and yes, ive been heart broken but i try to turn my poetry into things that everyone can relate to.

Alot of my poems are inspired by what im feeling at the moment, depression, or extreme happiness. Currently i am dating an amzing guy :) you will see alot of my poems are inspired by him. xoxo Updates

Why Not Me?

I cant look at you without crying
My heart skips a beat
I want you so bad
Im getting so weak

I dont want you with her
Only with me
I love you so much
Why cant you just see?

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