Morgan Tayce

Rookie (July / Kentucky)

Morgan Tayce Poems

1. I'Ll Be Here 4/24/2009
2. Rain, Or Is It A Tear? 4/28/2009
3. Something So Beautiful 7/24/2009
4. Without Patience 3/14/2010
5. If Only 3/15/2010
6. His Kiss 3/15/2010
7. Not Always Impossible 3/16/2010
8. Sin 3/16/2010
9. Blame It On You 3/16/2010
10. Blade On My Arm, Tears On My Cheek 3/17/2010
11. With Worries 3/22/2010
12. Silence 3/25/2010
13. He's The Type Of Guy 4/5/2010
14. Hurtful Words 4/14/2010
15. Stupid Girl 5/18/2010
16. Idk Y 12/14/2009
17. Free Of This Burden 12/14/2009
18. One Less Girl 12/14/2009
19. Confused. 2/26/2010
20. The Way He Makes Me Feel 6/10/2010
21. Tonight 8/4/2010
22. Gone 8/6/2010
23. Better With Repition 7/27/2010
24. Not A Heart To Care. 2/19/2010
25. Jesus Parra 5/18/2010
26. Scared Yet Feared 12/1/2009
27. Your Words Still Hurt Me 5/4/2009
28. I Want To Say Something. 4/25/2009
29. Why Not Me? 4/23/2009
30. How I Long For Your Touch 4/23/2009
31. At Last 3/3/2010

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How I Long For Your Touch

seeing you with her makes me want to fall on the floor and die. i wanted so bad to be with you, but yet everytime, you ran back to her and left me all alone to cry. i was a girl you could be happy with. not be aggrivated every night with the drama. i want to hold you one more time, and kiss your soft lips. prove my love for you is true. but everytime you would somehow prove to me that you wernt worth my time, my tears, my heart. & no matter how bad you hurt me, or how much i cried, i would always forgive in hopes that one day you would be mine forever. i loved you with everything i had, but ...

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I'Ll Be Here

I wrote this poem for you
because you need somthing to hold on to.
When your world is falling down,
trust me, I won't let you drown

Your life seems pointless, worthless, ending
but you read this, remembering.
It's not just you, after all
trust me, I won't let you fall.

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