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1. Life Of Love 12/22/2014
2. Weather Pattern 12/22/2014
3. Not One To Party 12/22/2014
4. Questions 12/23/2014
5. Shut Up! 1/1/2015
6. Unsaid 1/1/2015
7. Vocally Challenged 1/1/2015
8. For You 1/9/2015
9. Breathe 1/9/2015
10. Too Much 1/9/2015
11. Dreams Are For Those Who Don't Feel Pain 2/7/2015
12. I _____ 2/14/2015
13. Never Unique 3/30/2015
14. Escape Artist 5/4/2015
15. Bad Conversationalist 6/27/2015
16. Stranger Staring 7/27/2015
17. Wordly War Zone 7/27/2015
18. Look Beyond The Bulb 11/27/2015
19. The Distance Between Us 11/27/2015
20. So School Goes 12/12/2015
21. Hollow 6/27/2016
22. Standing At The Wall 6/27/2016
23. More Than Music 12/23/2014
24. In One Single Step 12/22/2014
25. I Can See You 12/23/2014
26. Stormy Night 12/12/2015
27. Too Late 3/30/2015
28. Where She Went (Based Off If I Stay Book #2) 12/23/2014
29. Love Is Complicated 12/22/2014

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Best Poem of Moriah Schutt

Love Is Complicated

They all say love is special
I think they're all absurd
because love is really confidential
everyone has a story that can't be heard

Did you just kiss?
I must be just tired
cause if you did-
your boyfriend will be fired

I'm sorry I brought it up
I'm getting paranoid at the boy across the street
all he says is 'Sup'
while I blush and stare at my feet

Couples go on your way
Singles I guess we're all here to stay
I hate that PDA
get a room or go away

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In One Single Step

Hairspray fills the room
Is that one lost shoe?
Fall off that box and you're doomed
I missed my part- oh, boo hoo

We go over dances hour after hour
There is no end in sight
Turns fall, legs going weak
Why don't you take a break- I just might

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