Morinanna Wyzard

Morinanna Wyzard Poems

1. In My Head 12/19/2012
2. Night Hawk Calling 12/19/2012
3. My Son 12/19/2012
4. Death Of Light 12/19/2012
5. Dawn Of Destruction 12/19/2012
6. Pain 12/19/2012
7. She Sat Alone 12/19/2012
8. Did You Hear Her Cry 12/19/2012
9. Prey 12/19/2012
10. Love To Hate The Pain 12/19/2012
11. Empty Pen 12/19/2012
12. The Song 12/19/2012
13. Grounded 12/19/2012
14. Restraints 12/19/2012
15. Death's Dream 12/19/2012
16. Death's Lullaby 12/19/2012
17. Tears 12/19/2012
18. Tides Of Pleasure 12/19/2012
19. Tiny Faerie 12/27/2012
20. Birth Of The Fae 2/25/2013
21. When I'M Gone 12/19/2012
22. Will You Dance With Me 12/19/2012
23. The Collar 12/19/2012
24. Dancing Of The Edge 12/19/2012
25. Let You Go 12/19/2012
26. Wind In The Willows 12/19/2012
27. Bread Crumbs 12/19/2012
28. Dark Soul 12/19/2012

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Best Poem of Morinanna Wyzard

Dark Soul

Deep dark and mysterious
the place of pain and sorrow
the shadow lands,
something that lives deep inside of me
hidden away, like a dark secret
a secret garden of despair,
where the creatures of the night
are free to roam, and run
I own this place,
I am the queen of my darkness
I opened my heart
to the light of true love
and thought I didn't need this place any more
locked away like Pandora's box,
waiting for me to return,
I feel loved, and safe
but magickal weak, like my guard has been let down
no shielding, heart open ...

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Will You Dance With Me

Will you dance with me... if I sing a song of death? Will you beat the drum with me... if you know not what it brings? Will you offer up your breath...? And fall into the darkness of life...Without knowing...Will you give when you have nothing more to give then life itself? Will you turn your back on love and light...And take that leap of faith int

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