Morris Rosenfeld

(1862-1923 / Poland)

Morris Rosenfeld Poems

41. I Know Not Why 1/4/2003
42. On The Bosom Of The Ocean 4/22/2010
43. Liberty 4/22/2010
44. In The Factory 4/22/2010
45. My Boy 4/22/2010
Best Poem of Morris Rosenfeld

My Boy

I have a little boy at home,
A pretty little son;
I think sometimes the world is mine
In him, my only one.

But seldom, seldom do I see
My child in heaven's light;
I find him always fast asleep...
I see him but at night.

Ere dawn my labor drives me forth;
'Tis night when I am free;
A stranger am I to my child;
And strange my child to me.

I come in darkness to my home,
With weariness and--pay;
My pallid wife, she waits to tell
The things he learned to say.

How plain and prettily he asked:
'Dear mamma, when's 'Tonight'?
O when ...

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A Tear On The Iron

OH, cold and dark is the shop ! I hold the
iron, stand and press ; my heart is weak, I
groan and cough, my sick breast scarcely heaves.

I groan and cough, and press and think;
my eye grows damp, a tear falls ; the iron is hot,
my little tear, it seethes and seethes, and will not
dry up.

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