Moth Harris

Rookie - 20 Points (Oct 1st 1990 / Detriot)

Biography of Moth Harris

My name is Timothy Michael Harris,
Normally called Tim. I use Moth as my writers name because I figure it would be far less common than Tim Harris. I got Moth from tiMOTHy, and use it as sort of a nickname. I enjoy spending time with friends and family, and I write to express my emotion and opinion. I hope to become a great writer someday.

I grew up in the suburbs of Detriot, a little town called White Lake. The lake is beautiful in the summer time, I spend a lot of time there on an old cement bridge writing poetry. I'm the guy who spends time watching the sunset out of windows and feeling a passion for life afterwards.

I'm still a kid however, and I have much to learn. I hope that one day I will achieve my dreams, I hope that one day my name will be known for captivating peoples hearts and minds.

Moth Harris's Works:

Contributed to 'Scribes 2007'
Contributed to 'Scribes 2008'
A featured poet in 'Scribes 2009' Updates

Warmth In Fire

Embers light the fire
Brake down the bark
Fueling heart and desire
Lost from the start
Oh, but I love being lost with you

I'd say the fire lights up my life
but I don't have to
because I think you feel it too

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