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humans are always different... one man thinks he is the centre of universe and one other feels like a dropp in a wide rage ocean... but bothe humans are so hopeless.. as the human self bears moments of grandeur, and moments of dwindling.., moments of poise, others of rage.., moments of passion, others of wounds.. and the right contradictive word of passion is aversion... but wounds are more fitting as those ones who love never know how hate.
some lines came from within as they've been all experienced.
but the more knowledge i gain, the more ignorant i figure my self out.
the more um feeling august, the more i feel so small when i just stand besides the ocean.
the more um getting hurt, the more um getting so strong...
here in the Arabian culture.. when there is something impossible comes along, we describe it as (this would be the fourth impossible)
have you ever heard of the three impossibles?
the three impossible are to be; the roc.., the phoenix.., and A REAL FRIEND INDEED.
i guess it's getting garrulous, but i think it's precious :)
um Mousheera shafik,20 years old love to rhyme somehow, love drawing, painting and the fine arts as a whole.. always find a way in writting, reading.. as those paradoxes that you may learn from are to be so few if you relied on self experiences..
and the most important thing that keeps me going is my love... I love him so much :) Updates

Far. But, Fair

I want to get back to this yore
But, every second it gets yonder
I want to be that pure
But, I can't do it any longer
Wanna run, scream and hit the floor
Because burdens are getting stronger
Words were spoken, words were swore
But, every time it makes you wonder
Why do people insist to war?

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