Mowing meowkitten

Rookie (November 20th 1988)

Biography of Mowing meowkitten

Well I'm just a teenage girl who is still trying to find herself. Sometime I write poems because it just seem right at that moment, but I don't do it often.
I love computers, I like to draw and I like games. I'd like to be a concept artist for games.
I have a sister... A parent who failed on me, and a mom who is suicidal. Don't pity me though.. I learned to cope, although memories from the past are haunting me.

Well, I'm from denmark, and I'm gonna go live with my bf in a few months, who lives in USA. Updates


You were suposed to be her guardian,
yet you haunted the little girl till she realized monster are myths,
You tormented her,
destroyed her.
The monster was dormant with a n eye half open,
waiting to come out of the closet at every little chance.
But you couldn't go for long until your costume got pulled off,
and too late did she realize monsters were myths.
Scary noises came out from you mouth when you tried to speak,

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