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I Wish

I wish I were the song
That comes to your mind when you are happy
I wish I were the comforting words
Of the song you sing when you are sad
Oh! Yes, I wish I were the sun that brightens your day
Chasing the nightmares away.

I wish I was that breeze,
Gently touching your face
Bringing coolness to your day
But then I wish I was that darkness
Protectively wrapped around you
While you are asleep and uncared for.
Yeah! I wish I was the breath that passeth your lips
Unnoticed, yet so life giving.
I wish I was the heart that beats within you
Strong, ...

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Be A Man

I was yanked from my mother’s womb
Pushed into this world
Without a choice
Slapped on my behind
Without dignity and told,
Go out there and be a man

I was given toy cars and guns to play with
Thrown into this rough and tumble playground