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1. I Don'T Want To Face Rehab 2/9/2008
2. Bad Dream 3/9/2008
3. Overdose 3/10/2008
4. The Mighty Tarzan 3/10/2008
5. Just A Fake 3/14/2008
6. Little Birds 3/19/2008
7. Bigd The Medicated Wife 3/19/2008
8. I'Ve Yet To Be Defeated 7/2/2007
9. Learning Is Not A Crime 2/6/2008
10. The World Needs A King 2/7/2008
11. Sweet Bella 3/22/2008
12. The Runaway Man 3/23/2008
13. The Eyes Of Blue 3/23/2008
14. Your Crying Soul 3/25/2008
15. Before Birth 3/26/2008
16. The Warrior 3/28/2008
17. In Your Grave 3/30/2008
18. Learn To Cope 4/7/2008
19. Live Forever And Never Die 4/7/2008
20. Problems In Life 4/7/2008
21. The Answer Is Easy To Find 4/7/2008
22. The One Armed Man 4/8/2008
23. Make Your Birds Believe 4/10/2008
24. Stand On A Mountain Top 4/10/2008
25. Wacky Sweet Mama 4/12/2008
26. Something I Discover 4/13/2008
27. Written For The World 4/15/2008
28. Noodles Taste Nicer In Knots 4/16/2008
29. My Journey Into Darkness 5/7/2008
30. My Brain 5/7/2008
31. Until The Day I Die 8/21/2007
32. I Don'T Want Goldengirl To Die 4/4/2008
33. The Poison Line 4/4/2008
34. For The Memory Of My Brother 4/1/2008
35. Cry Baby 3/21/2008
36. Will U Forgive Me When I'M Dead 3/21/2008
37. Mountain Top Tears 3/25/2008
38. Stormy Weather, Stormy Night 3/22/2008
39. My Rainbow Is Overdue 2/9/2008
40. A Friend In Me 7/2/2007

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I Don'T Want To Die

I believe in Jesus
I believe in God
I try to live a good life
But life is very hard

I try to love
So I can find Heaven in the sky
But why must I find Heaven
On the day that I die

If u lead a good Christian life
U will be rewarded in death
But I need to find Heaven
With the life I have left

Why must a cease to exist
To live with an angel on a cloud
Why can't I find Heaven
In the life I have now

My life is difficult
But I try not to commit sin
But why must I perish
For my life in Heaven to begin

Why can't I find ...

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The World Needs A King

Becuz mama died
Becuz she lives inside

You're full of pain
Becuz hurting doesn't mean you're insane

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