Mrinal Kumar

Rookie (29/10/1989 / Patna(India))

Biography of Mrinal Kumar

I am a young student who has had the most sensational feeling.Yes, I too loved someone but just like every story does not have a happy ending, mine didn't have one either, she abandoned and has left me with a hole in my heart and a hollowness in this life.But yet i Love and remember her memories.For they are the most cherished and precious thing that i have left with me. Updates

Without You My Love

Beyond the eternal dreams I walk,
Beyond the eternal souls I walk,
Into the depth of this never ending gloom,
Not knowing where the Darkness would lead,
I keep walking this infinte gloom,
To search for my love,
I don't know where she is,
I don't know how she is,
But she's the only thing that's real for me,

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