Mrs. Blue

Rookie (November 14,1994 9: 59 P.M. / USA!)

Biography of Mrs. Blue

When I write poetry, it's usually stuff that has built up in my head over a period of time.I can't write poems, I have to type them. And then read them, and then retype them, and then reread them, and then reretype them. I love trees. Trees love me when I type (and don't print) . I have lots of ideas, some not so good, some are good enough to type out. I want to own a cafe when i get older and maybe write a book, I was also thinking about teaching creative writing. By the way, don't be afraid to comment or give constructive critiscism. i don't bite, and well, even if I wanted to I couldn't. I could send a message with the word bite in it, but, honestly, what good would that do. Plus, my spacebar messes up alot so it'd be like
'b it e m e' and that just looks stupid. It has no effect whatsoever. Updates

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